This Firm is not a CPA Firm, Peerless CFO Services provides the accounting services through an alliance with Janet Long CPA, PLLC.
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What We Do

As a contract accountant services company, Peerless works with you and your business to ensure your bookkeeping and tax services are done accurately and timely using the technical expertise you need and deserve at a practical price.

Peerless focuses on bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and business consulting services.

We partner with both established and start-up businesses. We build open and honest relationships from the beginning, ensuring the accounting is accurate from the start. We help you grow with sound advice by providing you with financial records. We succeed when you succeed.

Our Goal

To provide sound, reliable, and timely financial data that gives you peace of mind and the ability to make proper business decisions that will drive your business toward success.

While we can handle your taxes annually, we prefer to build a working relationship with you so that we understand your business. This allows us to advise you on best financial practices, as well as smart tax deductions throughout the year.

Peerless strives to meet you where you need us most. We employ all financial services and skills with every client. In addition, we partner with you to give you the best available financial data so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Solution Center

Contract Accounting is full-time financial knowledge, services, and experience, used on an "as needed" basis. ‚Äč It is best used when your business is big enough for top-notch accounting services, but not big enough to warrant hiring a full-time employee.

Yes! This ensures you have the records that provide the evidence you need to defend your business practices, if needed. In addition, it assists with developing future budgets and forecast plans, cash flow analysis, the advertising and marketing processes, hiring/firing decisions, and possible expansion plans. Finally, if you have grown to the point you are giving up potential new customers and sales, then it is time to invest in our experience and knowledge to get your accounting done. That gives you more time to get that new customer signed up and increase your bottom line.

Maybe. Ask yourself these questions: Has your business grown? Is your Accounting team barely keeping up? Could they use an extra set of hands? Or does the Accounting team need better oversight? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions - we can help! We can provide general oversight, be a resource for answers, or another set of hands for your team.

Yes! Keeping good records is essential for proper reporting to the IRS, for Sales and Use Tax reporting, and the Texas Workforce Commission for starters. Learn More...

Yes! Since we tailor our services to your needs, we can work within your budget. We only begin charging you after we work 30 consecutive minutes at a time on your business. That allows you to call, email, or text us anytime and have no fear of outrageous monthly invoices. While accounting is a big cost, it is a worthy investment. We aim to be a valued partner in the success of your business by helping you have accurate financial data necessary to make good, sound business decisions.

Call or email us today! We will set up a free introductory consultation to ensure we are a match. We then determine the best way to proceed and start getting you on the road to better accounting, reliable data, and peace of mind. Let us focus on our passion by letting you get back to focusing on yours. What are you waiting for? Call now.

"Janet, Cyndi and their entire staff are very knowledgeable about the tax laws and accounting business requirements in general. They are very thorough and paid very close attention to every fine detail. My accounting was sloppy to say the least but they have me back on track. Thank you Peerless CFO!"